The Dueling Pianos Experience

We like to consider ourselves a live jukebox, but better! We set request slips on the tables and pianos and YOU take over the show. When people ask us what our favorite songs are to play, we often reply with “it’s different every night!” That is because we feed off of the energy of the crowd. Whatever enthuses you, enthuses us! Our show is based on sing-along and speckled with humor, so whatever brings your party the most joy, that’s the direction we will sway the show. The comment section is for you to call out a friend who may be celebrating something, mention your favorite sports team, OR use that section to request more songs! We want YOU to be as much of a part of the show as we are. Call us if you are ready show off your singing ability, your lyric knowledge, or simply your dance skills… we encourage it all!

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2 Comments on “The Dueling Pianos Experience”

  1. I’m from PA and was visiting friends and saw you in Burlington CO. Great show! Tremendous talent! Very enjoyable evening. As Bob Hope used to say, thanks for the memories!!